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4 Benefits of Online Casinos That Make It So Popular

Online casinos have become very popular in recent years. Many people visit these online sites every day to play for fun or to win some money. Some players take it very seriously and do research and strategize to improve their chances. Others just take it as it comes and enjoys the entertainment and fun of it. No matter what the reason for playing or the approach, people are gambling online more and more. The reason for this lies with the benefits that online casinos have. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Online casinos are convenient. There are so many to choose from. You have international and local casinos and you can sign up with more than one. You can access the casino from anywhere you are at any time of the day. You no longer need to set aside a specific time or night to visit the casino for some gaming.
  2. They offer welcoming bonuses. Almost every online casino offers a welcome bonus to new players. The deposit bonuses differ in percentage from site to site, but you can get between $50 and $5000 as a bonus. You will definitely not find that in a land-based casino.
  3. You can choose from different deposit methods. Land-based casinos generally only accept cash or credit card as a means to make a deposit. Online casinos offer many more options that include PayPal, Skrill, and other online money services.
  4. Online casinos have a large range of games. Larger land-based casinos tend to have all the popular games and some of their own. Even with large floor space and many games, land-based casinos are still limited. Online casinos have the opportunity to offer multiple games with different themes and back adventures. They offer the widest range of games and different versions of every game.

To top all of the benefits, you can play in the comfort of your own home. You can be in bed in your pyjamas and be winning thousands of dollars. How’s that for a benefit? These are the reasons why online casinos and gaming has become so popular.

The 4 Luckiest Casino Players in History

Jackpot games that offer a large payout for the lucky winner have always been popular. People like to take their chances to see if they won’t be the lucky person whose life gets changed. These big wins don’t happen that often though, but there were a few big payouts in history that did change some people’s lives. Today, we have a look at these lucky few and the big jackpots they won.

Archie Karas – $40 million

Archie Karas was a normal guy with only a few dollars to his name. He went on a trip to Vegas and played poker, baccarat, and dice games at several casinos. During his journey through the Vegas casinos, he collected $40 million dollars in winnings. Sadly, he lost it all in less time than it took to win. The lesson we take from this is to know when to stop.

Peter the Norwegian Gambler – €11.7 million

The largest online payout in the world was €11.7 million. The guy who won it was a foreigner and didn’t know what the exchange rate from euros to Norwegian Crowns were. When he finished playing and contacted support for his payout, he learned that it came to about 38 million Norwegian Crowns.

Elmer Sherwin – $26 million

Megabucks was introduced in 1989 and is one of the largest progressive jackpots in the world. Not many people have won this jackpot, but one lucky man was able to win it twice. Elmer Sherwin won the jackpot in 1989 and walked away with $5 million dollars. In 2005, he won it again and walked away with $21 million. This is a truly unique occurrence and we believe that Elmer is the luckiest man on the planet.

Charlie Wells – $1 million

This may not seem like that much money today, but in 1892 it was a fortune. By today’s standards that $1 million is the equivalent of $20 million. Charlie changed $4000 in chips into the $1 million dollars he walked away with. He is known as ‘the man who broke the bank’ and there was a song written about him as well.

These are the 4 luckiest men in the world and the men who have received the biggest payouts in the history of land-based casinos.

5 Top Casinos from Around the World

Despite the rising popularity of online casinos, land-based casinos still stand strong. There are many huge and very successful casinos across the world. If you are looking to take a trip to some popular casinos and gambling spots, this article is for you. We have compiled a list of the top casinos in the world. Hopefully, this list can help you plan your next casino vacation.

MGM Grand Las Vegas

The MGM Grand is one of the most famous casinos in the world and is located in Las Vegas. You will find references to this casino in more than one movie. It has one of the largest casino floors and hosts 2300 gaming machines and 178 card and table games. The casino offers more than 5000 hotel rooms and also hosts 20 bars.

Tusk Rio Casino Resort

The fifth largest casino in the world can be found in South Africa in a town called Klerksdorp. It offers 257 gaming machines and 12 card and table games. It has 2 bars and a lot of other entertainment facilities.

Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa

You will find the Borgata casino in Atlantic City and it is one of the largest casinos in the world. The casino offers a whopping 4100 gaming machines on the floor and has 285 card and table games available. The casino also includes bars and many hotel rooms.

City of Dreams Resort

The City of Dreams Resort is the second largest casino in the world and has a casino floor of 420 000 square feet. It hosts 1350 gaming machines and 520 card and table games. It has only 1400 rooms and 14 bars but is still bigger than the MGM Grand.

The Venetian Macao

The Venetian is located in Macao in China. There are several casinos in Macao and two of them are also on the top 10 list largest casinos in the world. The casino offers 3000 gaming machines and 870 card and table games. It has 3000 hotel rooms and 24 bars.

These are 5 of the largest and most successful casinos in the world. Las Vegas and Macao has many more casinos that don’t even feature on this list. If you want the ultimate gaming experience, make sure you visit some or all of these.